Gourd from Nalgene

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I'm searching for months a way for transporting water. Until now, I used my bottle of 1.5L and she is heavy in my backpack. Therefore, I don't need a big quantity of water with me (0.5l is more than enough for 3 hours of course).

So i'm looking for a gourd. We can find a lot of models and brands … it's not easy to make the right choice but after some searches, a brand caught my attention (it's nalgene). This brand has an expertise in the development of container for laboratory use. We can retrieve more informations on wikipedia :

“Nalgene is a brand of plastic products developed originally for laboratory use, including such items as jars, bottles, test tubes, graduated cylinders, and Petri dishes, that were shatterproof and lighter than glass. The properties of plastic products make them suitable for work with many substances in various temperature ranges.”

So they are serious and their gourd are not expensive and easy to clean and dry due to the big opening at the top. Moreover, they do not contain “bisphenol A”. It's interesting but we don't know if the replacement of that substance are better for the health.

After one use ! Water don't have a taste of plastic (I had that with a cheap camelbag and it's very nasty). It's easy for drinking with the big opening but we must screw more than a basic water bottle for closing the gourd. (it's not substantial but a little annoying). Moreover, I don't see any o-ring (So, it's sustainable … Generally, the oring become rough and break after some years of use.)

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The purpose of my blog

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Hello to everyone !

In this post, i want to talk about the pupose of this blog. I know, it's not interesting by itself but it's a very nice training for me ! Indeed, i can read or watch series but i can't often writing or speaking in english. So, i created this blog for writing some posts every month about some subjects of interest. I expect to improve my english skill

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RetroShare : a decentralized approach for doing a lot of things

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I recently discovered RetroShare. It is a very special software which permit to share files, making voip call's and a lot of others things (such as create a channel, tchat with others or using forums). Well !? But, I can do the same without RetroShare ^^ Yes, but RS is completely decentralized ! So you don't depend to centralized actors like Google, Facebook … Moreover, RS offers some security with a PKI architecture. (You have to share your public keys with your friends)

If you want to discover RS and you don't have any friends. You can go on https://restroshare.rocks. On this site, you can take the public key of a server ! This one has a lot of friends. So you can access to some public tchat. After that, you can talk with some peoples and exchanging keys. Each friend can bring to you some channels, forums. Indeed, you can access to content with your friends. (By example, if I create a forum … All of my friends can access to it but nobody else. So you should have some friends for accessing to a lot of contents)

RetroShare link : https://retroshare.github.io/
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The end of servitude from "free" services

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During a decade, i was using a lot of free services such as Gmail, Skype, Youtube and many others. They were very useful and ostensibly free. However, they were collecting plenty of private data's about me. I'm pretty sure that Google knows me better than my close friends ! (My favourite forum's, my orders on Amazon, my friends, subjects of interest) So, i take the lead ! The game is over. I'm an it man and i'm able to build my own mail server.

Now, i can use a combination of Postfix, Dovecot and Icedove as Gmail replacement. Futhermore, i use XMPP as Skype replacement. It's very usefull but i don't have video/audio chat. I have only text conversation but it's sufficient for me. Moreover, it's very secure ! The communication between me and the server uses SSL with a 2048 bits key. I can also use OTR for more secure chats howewer, i think is useless at the moment. At the end, the hard task consists in the conversion of my friends. A major part of them don't care about privacy ^^ They always prefer to use major players of the web :/

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